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      1. Thanks, Peggy,

        I am certainly in good company on your reading list. It's a pleasure to see my name and book among such great writers with so much wonderful things to write about.


      2. Wonderful concept for a blog. Your photos make me kick back and your book suggestions make me want to curl up with a good read. I want to listen to some of those songs, too. Maybe use some in my exercise class for stretching and relaxation - that's really kicking back! Thanks for sharing. Linda Rosen
        Found you on WNBA in the blog links. Maybe we'll meet at an event one of these days.

      3. Hi Linda,

        Thanks for stopping by. I'm going to look for you on the WNBA site.


      4. Hi Peggy! I joined your blog through linkedIn and just wanted to say how much I enjoy it. Quick question; I reviewed you list of kick back books. What type of read is it that you consider 'kick back?'
        Also love the music you post. Thanks
        Best, jeanne

      5. Thanks so much Jeanne. I also love Australian Fantasy Adventures and gave you a "like" on your Facebook page. Let me know if you ever want to guest blog about those Australian animals. Kick Back Reads, for me are: Fiction: leaves you feeling satisfied at the end (even if it's a sad ending, there should be a hopeful feeling); fun and light; great writing that seems to devour you; books that make you forget about the time and that you just can't put down. I stay away from novels with violence and/or sex as the primary theme. Non-Fiction: Books that help people, whether emotionally or through healthy eating/lifestyle choices. I also like books where the author has an interesting history or story about how their book came to be (which is most of us). Let me know if you have any recommendations. Thanks for stopping by! ~ Peggy