Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Message from Ludima

Thank You From Ludima:

HI, thank you so much for the blog. It was a thrill to read 21 comments. They were such a joy. I did reply to one and hope it went through.
Please explain to your readers that I can't reply to everyone as I get everything wrong! Computers and I do not get along. I will read and re-read the comments.
Also, I wish to say that I am an ordinary woman who is a Taurus so I just work, work, work. None of my books are ever going to be best sellers or get a Pulitzer prize but they do make the reader feel good and happy. That's good enough for me!
Have a GREAT day.
Love, Ludima.

Answer to Question About Publish America:

Someone asked about PublishAmerica in the comment section. I do not recommend them. They did print my book with no cost to me but they do no promoting and your book doesn't go to any stores, etc. THEY make money on the books you buy from them. You only make money on the books you sell. Since I'm no salesman I made no money. I have my rights back and will be pitching the book elsewhere.
Please tell those who made comments that I appreciate them very much and wish them to plug along until they are successful.
Thanks for the blog.
Love, Ludima

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