Sunday, October 7, 2012

First Book Signing! Win A Prize!

You have shared my novel journey with me and now I'd like you to be there for my first book signing. Most of you live too far to have stopped by for a signature, but believe me, I did think about you, the people who visit Kick Back Moments, while at The Irish Times, a wonderful pub and restaurant in the center of Saratoga Springs, NY.

Leave a comment when you finish browsing through my photos and you'll automatically be entered in a contest to win a free copy of "A Stop in the Park" signed by me. Please leave your e-mail with your comment so I can contact you if your name is selected. I'll copy and erase it before posting for your privacy. Thanks for all of your support. Hope you enjoy the photos!

The happy author--me!

Signing a book for Mrs. Barrett, my son Max's kindergarten
teacher . Max is now 23-years-old.

My niece Laura with my younger son, Greg.

My writing partner and dear friend, Susanne.

Me & Mom
Fantastic Colleagues!
College Buddies

Good friends, Ellen and Kerry

A whole lot of fun and a wonderful visit from high school
friend, Kate!

Thanks to husband, Keith, for taking the photos.



  1. Well done on getting to this point, i bet the book signing was a lot of fun, it must be wonderful to get to meet some of your readers. All my wishes for continued success. x
    Keep up the blog, i like dropping by.

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    1. Hi Gwynn ~ You're still in the contest, but I accidently posted your comment w/out deleting your email address first. Had to delete the entire comment as far as I could tell. Sorry and thanks for the congratulations! ~ Peggy

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    1. Hi Laurie ~ See my comment to Gwynn above. Same for you. Thanks for the congratulations! ~ Peggy

  4. Peggy, I think you did a really good job marketing your book. It convinced me to download it, and I'm reading it now. Thanks for all your helpful posts too. I keep going back to the one about paying for a review! Lynn Schneider

  5. How fun, Peggy. I'm proud of you and glad to have "met" you. I am only responding to show my support. Please do not include me in the contest. Although I would love to have your signature in my book, I would rather see the book go to someone who doesn't have a copy. Maybe someday we will meet and you can sign my copy then.

  6. What a great event and what great photos! I would say "A Great Time Was Had by All!" I've got your book on Kindle, so don't include me in your drawing and I'm still trying find time to actually read it! Thanks for sharing your success with us!

  7. Peggy, you are so beautiful! This looks like an amazing day for you, and you are dressed just right, and your hair is beautiful and you're surrounded by the ones that matter the most in your life! Isn't God gracious? I hope that I win your book, I would love to read it, and to meet you one day when I am back in the NY area! You go, girl! Deirdre

  8. Awesome, Peggy! Well done! I already have your book and just can't wait until I can READ it!!!!!

  9. Congratulations on the book signing. It sounds like you already have some fans here. I found you through Goodreads, by the way.

  10. Congrat's Peggy. I remembermy first book signing at Border's Book store and I was terrified. I still get nervous at signings. You looked perfect and the pictures are great--remember to put them with all your promo stuff to take to the next signing. All the pics are vivd and eyecatching and I wish you great success with your wonderful book which I am in the middle of enjoying now. Her'e to many sales!!

    Love, Micki

    Remove me from the contest too, so someone else gets to enjoy your excellent book.

  11. Peggy,

    Congratulations on the Book and the Signing! I'm really excited to be part of the blog tour for A Stop in the Park and can't wait to read your book!