Sunday, January 27, 2013

Have an Alice Kind of a Day!

Happy Birthday Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Didgson:  Jan. 27, 1832 - Jan. 14, 1898), master of literary nonsense. I love your creations, especially Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Jabberwocky.  
From a young age, Dodgson wrote poetry and short stories. In July 1855, he said, "I do not think I have written anything worthy of real publication, but I do not despair of doing so someday." In 1965, he published Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Macmillan Press) under the pen-name of
Lewis Carroll.

Have an Alice Kind of a Day with Lots of Adventures!





  1. Love the winter photo at the top of your blog. Great birthday shout-out to a classic lit master!

  2. It's a very good reminder to keep trying. :)