Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Fog Will Clear

Addiction is hard. One day we try a substance whether it be caffeine, junk food, alcohol, or cocaine. Maybe a week later we try it again. A few days later, again. Soon our body craves the substance and before too long it demands it. We're officially addicted.

 Simple things like a stroll through the park, reading at the beach, spending time with a friend no longer provide pleasure. A monster has taken control of our life. It numbs our senses. Sadness is anesthetized with the a bag of chips; happiness is delivered by a scotch on the rocks; bliss is contained in a chemical. More than 24 million US residents aged 12 or older are currently suffering from drug addiction, and that does not include compulsive eating.

According to the website, "One of the biggest mistakes made about addiction is the assumption that those who are struggling under its control are weak or somehow lacking in willpower and moral integrity. On the contrary, drug addiction is a deadly disease, one that changes the chemistry of the brain and is characterized by relapse and compulsivity. Drugs work by either over-stimulating the pleasure and reward system or by mimicking neurotransmitters in the brain and altering the body’s ability to effectively communicate between systems.

If you or a loved one is addicted to drugs, is it hopeless?


There are over 13,000 drug rehabilitation facilities in the U.S. and families can provide support to loved ones as they go through recovery. There are many success stories and I'm going to share one with you. A friend's nephew, Kyle, just took a major step in his battle to break an addiction. He realized that he could experience joy without his drug. I was so moved when I read the words and saw the drawing that emerged from him at the moment he realized how wonderful life could be. I am honored to share this with you:


By: Kyle Kindlon

            The road of life has twists and turns ups and downs at the end is so real so pure. My life has been covered with a fog that I was unable to see the light through the thick wet smoke damp fog. As the fog clears it represents my mind state clearing making me able to have a slight view of life with the light shining through the fog showing me how real and pure it really is. Seeing a beautiful view of mountains as the bright sky has the sun rising over the mountains, reflecting off a clear blue body of water seems to make two suns as the cattails blow in the wind. All these different sights represent a feeling of love emotion passion excitement distress the care others have for me so deep so real is mesmerizing as staring into a fire for hours days wanting it to stay this way forever. My whole life I spent thinking this was all a fairytale but it’s real as my mind clears more and more I can see how real it all really is. Not ever wanting that dark fog to mask this again, that fog is the depressing darkness of death that taste of the first sight of light seeing there is more to life.


 Kyle has been drug free for more than thirty days!

For anyone struggling with an addiction, Heart of Life by John Mayer:

"I know the heart of life is good."


  1. Oh Peggy, what a way to celebrate. I am happy that you shared Kyle's story with us.

    God bless his steps and his bright future. He will be able to withstand the devil, and remove himself for any person or thing that reminds him of that that past. "He can now see the forest for the trees." Thank God for his courage to share his story.

    He will remain drug free because he is now in control and he has had wonderful people supporting him, no doubt. Tell him to hold on to the breastplate (his mind in control of his destiny). He is okay now and he is moving forward.

    Rebuke thee Satin! Step back!!


  2. Thanks for sharing this Peggy...and to Kyle... Everyone who has been touched by the life of a loved one who suffered from addiction, I'm sure would join me in saying, "Welcome back Kyle... you were missed. So hang in there. We're with you."

  3. Wow, Peggy! This is a GREAT blog post. I'm very happy I had the chance to read it.

    And of course I think it's absolutely amazing how Kyle had the courage to speak for himself and write this impressive piece! I'm deeply impressed!

    It's absolutely clear, Kyle, I'm not only impressed by your writing! I am as well and especially impressed by your strength! You've got great people around you, supporting you. You've got a family loving you, and I'm convinced you've got a lot of thoughts you're kept in whenever they have the chance to read what you wrote here!
    You'll be in mine!

    Keep up with your life, walk straight and keep your eyes on your path! Congratulations for your 30 days!


  4. Peggy- thanks so much for sharing. Kyle may not realize it yet, but writing is the best and most effective way of purging unwanted thoughts and behaviors and to reinforce the good ones. It's as though we commit more deeply when writing so kudos to him and if ever he feels weak or challenged, just think about the clarity he is enjoying and that it will only and always get better. Great love to him and for all of his supporters...keep those arms outstretched to him. He is a success story that needs to be read and shared through some forums to help others rise above.

  5. Beautifully written. Yes the world and life are beautiful most of the time--still sometimes there are sharks in the water. The sharks are easier to deal with when the mind is clear and sees the beauty of the sunrise. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I'm proud oF ya Ky and your in my Heart now and always! A new life is awaiting you Clear skys, Clear eyes, and A fresh Breath of air every Day. Newdays await with the joy of life with lots of Breath taking memories with Friends & Family! (Gram has the camcorder charged and ready) :-)
    Love ya!

    Uncle Rob!

  7. Thank you Peggy for posting Kyles poem The Fog will Clear he is such an inspiration to his friends and family. We love him very much. I know that Kyles hope for this poem is that it helps not only himself but others that might need to see beyond the fog.

    1. awesome poem.i am so proud of him :)

  8. Kyle...

    Your writing is exquisite and tells me you have a mind and voice worth sharing with the world. The road ahead of you may seem rough at times, daunting and damn impossible, but it's doable. You describe the beauty around you with your look at the beauty that's in you. Love yourself my friend. You are worthy of it and you deserve it!

    I pray your journey through this life will always be filled with the clarity and peace you shared with all of us.

    Take each day one breath at a time...

  9. Peggy, thanks so much for posting this wonderful testament from Kyle. His words will reach many like himself and spread the hope that he has found to others needing it so badly.

    Kyle, thanks for sharing your story of taking a journey through hell and back to earth. Your writing is beautiful as are your thoughts. Whenever you think you might backslide, read them over to yourself and see how many people your words may have saved. Remember to take it one day at a time,and expect down days now and then--we all have them and it's a part of life. But as you know now, you can handle them without the crutch of addiction--you've seen the light Kyle, hold onto it. Write again and let all you know how it's going.
    So many are not like you, not strong enough to take back their lives--you are now their example--don't disappoint them or yourself.
    All my best for you!!


  10. Kyle, thank you for your beautiful words and insights. I am printing it and posting it in my senior building (55 and over) because what you have to say also applies to many people here who need the clarity you are experiencing to enjoy the moment and to be in the now rather than be overcome with the loneliness and the fear of death and despair. And congratulations on your 30 days! And when or if it gets the hardest in the days to come (and we all have good days and harder days), just remember that your words are posted on a bulletin board in Honolulu for a bunch of elders to read and gain strength from— your words, your strength, your message of hope to the world! Thank you!

  11. Thank you Peggy and Kyle. It that a lot of courage to face your demons in life and most of us have them in one way or another. I certainly commend you Kyle for your honesty and self improvement. This road will get easier and the hardest part is behind you.
    Sharing your pain and your light was a story I hope is heard from all corners of the world as you indeed set an example of hope for all that can hear and meet you.
    Keep up the great work.

  12. My Dear Kyle,

    Thirty days of freedom from drugs is an accomplishment, and I personally applaud you. It is a first of many big steps to freedom. I know where you are because I got caught up in Nicotine at the age of twelve. It was a combination of living in the south, being the oldest chiild that carried with it heavy responsibilities that a twelve year old doesn 't know how to handle. A tap on the shoulders from one of my classmates with a cigarette in her hands and there I was on the way to an addiction that would take it toll on my life. Being a two pack and sometimes three pack per day smoker by the age of 27, I knew something was seriously wrong with me. Like you, I couldn't enjoy nature without having a cigarette between my fingers. I woke up and the first thing I did was to light my cigarette before I put my feet on the floor. It was nothing to get up during the night and smoke one. How did I stop? It was actually a dare. My new boss at the job that I had just received dared me to stop smoking for six weeks. I thought this is a dare that I will win with no problem and so I took him up on it. To say that I went through changes is an understatement. My whole brain was chemically affected by the nicotine substance and my mental strength and endurance were at minus zero. Yet, today it has been thirty years since I smoked my last cigarette, and I have a totally new life. I gained my life back one step at a time. Everyday, I got up knowing that I would be challenge to turn back, but there was within me a small corn of faith that said, "keep on going, lady, you're making progress."
    So, I encourage you today to keep looking forward. There will be days when you will wrestle with yourself, but keep wrestling, keep holding on to that freedom that you have won so far. It took me three years to get over wanting to have a cigarette when I smelled cigarette smoke. Three years long when someone would light up, I had a yearning to light up one to and I had to sometimes sit on my hands, or leave the room, or go jogging just to get my mind back on track with what and how I wanted to live my life. The funny thing about all of this is that I really didn't realize the major steps that I had made until one day after those three years, someone lit up a cigarette, and I continued to stand there talking as if nothing had happened. It was after I returned home that I thought back on the incident and my reaction and I turned on some music from Earth, Wind, & Fire and danced away in my living room.
    I say all of this to say, keep at it, stay with it, and take one day at a time. You can and you will make it. The joys that lay before you are many, and one day in your future, you too will be writing words of encouragement to someone because you have made it.
    I don't know whether you believe in prayer, but I do, and I will put you on my prayer list and think of you.
    All the best.

  13. Peggy, thanks for this inspiring post. Kyle, your strength and writing is a great example to millions of others. Keep treading that path and let your light lead many more people out of their own darkness. All blessings upon you.

  14. Kyle, Thank you for sharing this incredible journey of strength and determination. You are an inspiration to others who struggle to come into the light of day.
    My very best to you on this travel,

  15. Peggy, I have just shared this on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for sharing about Kyle. I hope his story will inspire many to get off drugs. God bless you, Kyle.

  16. Kyle, I am so proud of you!!! You do ot know me, but know I am standig on the side lines and I am cheering for you!! It is one day at a time and in that it can even be 1 hour at atime as I am sure you are aware! Victoryies are victories none the less and I so salute you for this major, major accomplishment nyour life!!

    Louise Malbon-Reddix

  17. Peggy, thank you for posting Kyle's story which is a true testament to addiction but most importantly that the addition can be overcome. His story needs to be shared and shared and shared over and over again. It is NOT hopeless...for in strength one finds hope!

    Kyle, there are demons in this world tightening their clutches in hopes of creating boundaries that cannot be crossed. The truth is THEY CAN be defeated! The key is realization of light at the end of the tunnel before it is too late. By that, I mean in terms of the aging process for while it is never TOO late to change, once the damage is done it is irreversible. I say this from experience with my husband. His addiction was cigarettes and alcohol. What seemed chic and hip in the 50s and 60s gradually became a horrendous nightmare in his retirement years...the years where freedom from stress and work should have been at the top of the dance card. Now as a result of the abuse, he is unable to stand or walk without the aid of a walker, is on oxygen 24/7, has undergone major hospital stays/treatment/surgeries, struggles to literally get food from hand to mouth. Quality of life has gone from an active golfer/handyman/fisherman to almost completely sedentary with hardly a moment without pain - somewhere. He has lost from 174 lbs to 140.2 (That's with heavy sneakers on!). What is so sad is a comment he made about the cigarettes: "If I was told today, I only have a few months to live, the first thing I would do is buy a pack of cigarettes and enjoy every last one of them, then buy more." No one understands an addiction unless they have experienced it first hand, personally or with a loved one.

    Through strength of will and lots of prayer, he is gradually improving little by little. He will never be the active person he once was but hopefully he will be able to sit, rise, and walk on his own. So much muscle mass has been lost his entire being is almost too weak and frail to support his body. BUT, he is not a quitter. We are both thankful for each day we are blessed with God's wonder and miraculous signs.

    Stay strong! Fight the demons! Believe that this is all part of God's plan and this too shall pass with the view ahead more miraculous than you can ever imagine!

  18. I've been out of town and just now saw this blog post. Please share my congratulations to Kyle for staying drug free for more than thirty days. Little by little, adding one day at a time, he'll soon find that he's been clean for two months, then three, and more and more. He has a lot of people rooting for him!