Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Second Draft

I opened an email a few days ago from my local newspaper, The Saratogian. It said that my blog has been discontinued because a lack of activity, but I was welcome back any time. They missed me. It made me smile. I liked being missed.

I replied with an explanation about why I had stopped blogging. You know, the busy life thing which included writing my second novel, working full-time as a speech-language language pathologist, reading, socializing, and embarking on playful adventures.

Still, that email reminded me how much I enjoyed blogging. Blogs really are a free flow soap box, a public journal of sorts. I liked reading your comments and I liked connecting with so many people around the world. Just last month seventy-one visitors from France stopped by. I'm not quite sure how they discovered my minuscule, inactive blog. Regardless, "Hello France!"

I also crossed off a super-sized item from my to "want" list—finishing draft two of novel two. Hold your applause and don't head over to Amazon and look for it. Finishing draft two of a novel does not mean I'm ready to publish. What it means is, I deleted all of the really bad parts of draft one.

Writing a novel is like creating pottery.

The potter begins with a lump of clay.

The writer begins with a blank page.

The potter spins the wheel and maneuvers fingers to form an original design that is tailored in imagination. The writer does the same with pen and paper.


I can't speak for potters, or even for other writers, but for me the first draft is the most fun. It's when I let my thoughts spill onto the page without censor. I wouldn't however, try out a new recipe on a guest and I wouldn't let anyone, not even Mom, read my first draft.


The first draft is dreamlike. The second draft is realty. Mine took over one year to arrive at, "The End." It certainly is worth celebrating, but "the end" is such a deceitful little phrase. If I were a potter, I'd be at this point:

The story still needs detail, depth, color, glitter.

 Eventually the creation will evolve.

The Second Draft....


  1. Welcome back, Peggy! I understand your temporary disappearance: it has happened to me too, as I work on my second book. A few days ago I posted my first blog for the year and, again like you, enjoyed the experience. Writing a novel really absorbs your consciousness, doesn't it?

  2. Hello Peggy. It's so great to have you back. Of course it's clear that you are gone for a while during work like this. I'm just so happy to see you back blogging again. I missed you!

  3. Congratulations on completing that second draft and your return to blogging. I'll be watching your blog for the announcement of the book's release. I like your comparison of writing a novel to creating pottery. I'd only add that both undertakings are bound to be messy!

  4. Hi Peggy! Glad to hear you have passed another milestone! I too, have let my blogging go, it has been since Christmas Eve that I posted anything. Still, I have 24 people from the Ukraine, 32 from the Philippines, and 14 from Russia visiting this month, and I am so happy to have them. I also have finished my second book. It is finished being edited and has been blessed and prayed over. I'm not sure what the next project will be. I liked your analogy of the potter to writing. Very good! I hope that spring hits you soon!