Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Joy of Giving

I began seriously writing almost four years ago. It started with an idea I had while watching two men play chess in Dupont Circle, DC. Since then I have re-written my novel, "A Stop in in the Park", three times, edited it over and over, finally published it, created a blog, dabbled in short stories (much prefer the novel), am 2/3 through the first draft of my second novel, queried more literary agents than I care to list, learned a college degree's worth of information on fiction, made many new friends, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Yes. I am on a writer's journey and I have encountered many peaks and valleys along the way.

One of the peaks is hosting a giveaway. They began as a way to promote "A Stop in the Park" and have evolved into a monthly (for now) marketing event that I sincerely enjoy. The prize may be a basket of comfort (a book, hot chocolate, cookies, and a candle), but prefer to select four books based on a theme—often accompanied by a dozen cookies from Bake For You. It's so much fun picking out the books, posting them on my Facebook page, getting "likes" as a way to enter. I also get a kick out of reading the comments people leave. When the winner is announced, there's genuine excitement and gratitude. The biggest joy however, is thanking those who have supported me on my writer's journey. My only regret is: everyone can't win.

The cost involved is minimal and I like being a consumer for the struggling publishing industry. It's important to support books, bookstores, and authors, or they will go away. It really is a win-win.  I spread the word about "A Stop in the Park", always smile when I see a new "like" on my Facebook page, offer a contest that people get excited about, support books and a local baking business, nurture my innate joy of giving, and thank my customers and friends.      

So.....what's my latest giveaway?

St. Patrick's Day Giveaway!    

     The winner will receive four books having something to do with Ireland:
Irish Travel: Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler by Rosemary "Mamie" Adkins 
Irish Mystery: False Mermaid by Erin Hart
Irish Thriller: Faithful Place by Tana French
Irish Green Cover: A Stop in the Park by Peggy Strack (had to think of some way to get my book in this giveaway :-)
One Dozen Shamrock Shortbread Cookies from Bake For You
Just go to my Facebook page, click "like" on the giveaway post and you're entered. I do mail, so you can live anywhere.


  1. Peggy, I enjoyed your book A Stop in the Park as well as your blogs. The ups and downs of authoring a book are there, but it is an enjoyable journey even with the downs or bumps in the road. I wish I had more time! Our journeys sound similar, though it was cancer that actually gave me
    the confidence to publish. I have had a novel completed for 10 years, but was not confident to try publishing it until now.
    Look forward to your next novel coming out.

    1. Hi Karen ~ We do have some similarities with our journey. I am so glad you decided to publish. Please keep me posted on your release date and let me know what I can do to help get the word out. It really is scary to publish, but scarier to let a manuscript sit in a box someplace never to be shared. I am glad you are well! ~ Peggy

  2. Peggy, you always come up with the grandest ideas! This is a terrific giveaway. Have fun :-)

  3. Hi Peggy, great giveaway ideas! Good luck with your writing!

  4. I agree with Sharla. You are so creative. Your enthusiasm is apparent. Have fun. (I'm not going to enter since I have read two of the books listed, yours and Rosemary's.)

  5. What wonderful ideas Peggy! Thank you for sharing these and I can feel your happiness about giving things!! :-)

  6. Nice blog Peggy.