Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Ultimate Renewal

We all love kick back moments. Those snippets in our day that remind us to slow down, like hearing rain beat on the ground, singing along with Frank Sinatra when he pops up on our iPod, looking at the sky, which always offers us an inspirational image. Sometimes however, we need more than a moment to reconnect with ourselves—to experience peace and solitude. I had that opportunity one weekend in February when I spent three days at an immaculate, rustic lodge called Packbasket Adventures tucked on the far side of the Adirondack Mountains. Pristine snow was plentiful and silence was abundant.  TV, Broadband Internet, and traffic were no where to be found. What was available were the scents of a crackling fire and fresh air, conversation among friends, outdoor activities, and the special energy that seeps through our skin when we're immersed in nature.

The big bonus was all meals were cooked for us by the owners, Rick and Angie, who also had plenty of stories about owning a farm in Vermont and their adventures in the Adirondacks, which resulted in hearty laughs. Showing is usually better then telling so take a look at these photos of what a true kick back weekend looks like:

        Packbasket Adventures Lodge
Wanakena, NY

 Relaxing with coffee in the great room

Much warmth generated from this fireplace that
doubles as a wood fired oven—delicious pizza!

View from the kitchen

Rick and Angie cook for us.

Breakfast time!
The front yard

 Into the woods

Lunch Break

Keith and I—Relaxed!

Rick and Angie provide supreme hospitality!

The only problem with my getaway to Packbasket Adventures is it ended. I did however, manage to bring a sense of tranquility home with me that I can call upon anytime I choose to sit back, close my eyes, and remember. In the spirit of sharing, please do yourself a favor and check out this wonderful spot: Thanks for creating this haven, Rick and Angie!

Please share anyplace you've travled to that provided a true sense of clam—even if it's that comfy lounge chair in your backyard.



  1. Having moved from the mountains a year and a half ago after 15 years, I cannot honestly say a winter getaway is on my list of things to do, but you make it sound so inviting, and that breakfast, and that great room, wow! These are the kinds of experiences that keep us going and I am ever so glad that you and your husband can enjoy times like these, especially with your great appreciation for them. Thank you for sharing. You express yourself so beautifully.

  2. Haven't had the opportunity for a winter getaway but reading your post makes me definitely want to put one on my desire list!

  3. These are beautiful snowy pictures and I love them... it's a great "honey" blog post and makes me feel warm and cozy. :-)

  4. What a beautiful place! It looks like you had a great time -- good food, beautiful scenery, nice people. Thanks for sharing this kickback experience.